Little Rock Music Group is the great connector!  The Music Industry is full of 100's of 1,000's of extremely talented and amazing  Artists, Bands, Talent Buyers, Promoters, Venues and Festivals!  Here at LRMG we help you connect with the path that serves you best or provide you with the tools to navigate on your own through consultation. Being talented is only step one of a long and prosperous  career as a musician, venue owner, talent buyer or promoter. Here at LRMG we help you achieve yours goals that will set you up for a long career in the Music Industry.

Root Shock loves Little Rock Music Group because of the experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and heart they bring to the table. Their philosophy and work ethic dovetails perfectly with our band and they regularly and repeatedly go above and beyond for us.”

— Bill Eppel - Bass Player @ Root Shock

Working with these guys is a fucking dream! The most caring & real individuals you'll find in the music industry. Period. If you're looking for real love & genuine support Little Rock is the place to be."”

— Ryan Vendetti - Lead Singer @ Spring Street Family

Ian LaRochelle & Charley Orlando are both good-hearted and solid individuals with a wealth of collective knowledge on the music business. Together they make up LRMG and area a valuable community asset with the potential to help many artist/musicians, young & old, who are looking to take a step in the right direction.”

— Jeff York - Lead Singer/Guitarist @ Major Player