Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips is Pop/Funk artist from Syracuse, New York with a sound like no other. His sound is Pop leaning with influence from multiple styles including Gospel, R&B, and Funk. Stephen’s emotive performances show off his extensive vocal range while exhibiting high levels of energy with songs that are designed to provoke audiences to sing and dance along.   

Stephen first showcased his original sound in 2018 with his debut five song EP, VACATE. Created almost entirely in his friends basement studio. This EP featured pop-centric vocals and hooks on his songs like, “No More Heartbreak” and “It’s a Lonely Life for Me”, but also captured his soulfulness with his hit folk ballad, “She Will”. 

In 2019, Stephen released two standalone singles, “Go Bye Bye!” and “The Letter”, before releasing his six song pop/funk album BIG EYES & ROSY CHEEKS. “This project was a game changer for me,” Stephen says. “It takes my style in a new direction. It’s really a perfect hybrid of a lot of different influences of mine.” With sounds ranging from acoustic campfire-y music to upbeat, dance tunes chock full of 80’s synths, slap bass lines and rich vintage vocals, Stephen continues to push his own bounds of creativity, writing music that is meant to inspire others and create a unique experience for everyone who tunes in to listen.  

Stephen Phillips caught my attention seconds in to his first song. He has unbelievable talent and potential to be CNY’s next star. His ability to write catchy songs coupled with energetic live performances makes him the full package. Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist that appeals to all ages whether he is solo or with his band. His album should be in your playlist.” - Misse Thomas

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"Lose Myself" & "Intoxicating" Live at Redhouse Arts Center

"She Will" Live at Redhouse Arts Center

"Don't" Live at Redhouse Arts Center


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